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Language Tuition

Translation, Writing, Language Tuition.

Having an excellent knowledge of languages is one of the key skills of a translator. However, translators are not the only ones to excel in languages, and they are not the only ones to recognise just how useful it is to know languages.

RLM Traduction can offer you tailor-made language tuition that is designed to meet the learner’s needs, and likes and dislikes, as the course progresses. The ideal format for personalised language tuition seems to be private tuition or learning within a small group (max. 4 people). Our language courses are all tailor-made.

For group sessions, it is of course important to keep in mind the objectives, expectations and the level of the individual students, and of the group as a whole.

This type of language tuition is specifically targeted at companies that wish to enable their personnel to learn and to perfect a new language, and to expand their professional horizons. These training courses are available as 2-hour sessions (max.) held within the company, and are therefore mainly suitable for the business world.

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RLM Traduction primarily specialises in French tuition for speakers of other languages (French as a foreign language).

In practice, we do not offer any prior testing to check the learner’s language level. We start from what the person has already acquired in terms of knowledge, and we build new learning upon old. Ad infinitum, of course, as there is never any end to learning a foreign language and reinforcing what has already been learned. At the end of the module, the objectives are then reviewed with the student. It is also extremely important to point out any progress made. That is how we assess the learning acquired at the end of the module. We avoid, for example, any labelling in terms of language level, regardless of whether the course is for the more advanced or beginners.

Of course, the best possible investment in terms of language learning is the opportunity to practise speaking, even though any progress made in this respect is not always so accurately measurable. In the long term, regular and daily language practice will enable you to experience the language, and in some cases, it will enable you to discover a whole new culture. It is also unthinkable not to mention Erasmus placements which students can now take advantage of. They enable students to build up a whole relationship with the language. As we are only too aware of the importance of this relationship, we only work with native speakers of the language in which you wish to develop.

Learning to convey a message, placing it into a context, with an increasing grasp of the language, both spoken and written. RLM Traduction can guide you in your learning.