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Translation is an art that requires a whole set of linguistic, human and communication skills.

People often mistake translation – which involves written documents - for interpreting – which is performed verbally. Translating a document entails reformulating and re-writing a foreign language document into a language that is intelligible to you. Ideally the translator should be a native speaker in order to fully capture the nuances and the context of the original document. That is the ideal which we at RLM Traduction actively pursue. That is also why, when necessary, we may entrust some projects to translators who are qualified native speakers of the target language requested.

We can accept most texts and documents, and we can adapt to suit your requirements. These may be information brochures, contracts of employment, as well as technical and product specifications. We can translate any type of text in a wide range of specialist fields. The boundary between these different specialisms may not always be so clear, but there is usually some overlap. Please find below a number of examples of texts in their specialist fields (non-exhaustive list).

Translation, one of our image services


  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Conclusions
  • Reports
  • Legal statements
  • GDPR
  • ...


  • Technical/product specifications
  • User manuals
  • Health & Safety instructions/training materials
  • ...


  • Information brochures (cultural, marketing, etc.)
  • Press releases
  • Website content (cultural, marketing, etc.)
  • Advertising
  • Newsletters/magazines
  • ...


  • Marketing materials/product descriptions
  • Reports
  • On-line store content
  • Articles (cultural, etc.)
  • ...


  • Minutes of meetings
  • Interview reports
  • Assessments
  • CVs
  • Job vacancies
  • ...


  • Background articles
  • Descriptions
  • Narration
  • Newsletters
  • ...

In a nutshell, it is reasonable to say that one cannot improvise in translation. Key words in translation are respect for the message, clear insight, an enquiring mind and re-wording.

As this is a very specialist profession, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard. We therefore encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

In addition to translation, we can also proofread documents already written or translated.